Spa hotel, Dolomites – Hotel Rudolf at the Kronplatz

Subdued light, mild fragrances scenting the air at your spa hotel in the Dolomites. Concentrate on your breath. Consciously feel each touch. Relax and unwind in peaceful atmosphere. Free your mind and loosen tight muscles. That is a little bit of Rudolf.

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Balm for my soul

Intensive program to strengthen and protect health on all 3 levels: soul - spirit - body

3 x 75 minutes 264,00 Euro

Women Only

Apple & Rosehip Alpine Massage (50 min.)
Personalized Facial Care (80 min.)
Manicure or Pedicure (50 min.)

180 min. 225,00 Euro

All In Massage

Arnika & Johanneskraut Alpinmassage (50 Min.)
Hot Stone Massage (50 Min.)
Fußreflexzonen Massage (50 Min.)

150 min. 210,00 Euro

Gentleman Only

Power Lift Care (50 min.)
M2 Massage (50 min.)
Back Ceremony (50 min.)

150 min. 210,00 Euro

Alpine Wellness Massages
Absolute Muscle Fitness – with arnica & St. John’s Wort

We treat your tense muscles after your activities and support the recreational process of your body. The perfect treatment for active people. 

25 min.  44,00 Euro
50 min.  74,00 Euro

Natural Balance – with marigold and camomile

The ideal care for sensitive skin. Treat yourself to this skin-cleansing beauty massage with active ingredients of the marigold and chamomile - soothing and regenerating at the same time.

25 min. 44,00 Euro
50 min. 74,00 Euro

Peaceful Release – with juniper and hay extracts

Hay blossoms and juniper extracts give your body relaxation and strength. Boost your energy level and de-stress.

25 min. 44,00 Euro
50 min. 74,00 Euro

Naturally Fresh – with apple & rosehip

A special care for dry or demanding skin. The valuable active ingredients of the apple and nourishing properties of rosehip moisturize your skin – with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects.

25 min. 44,00 Euro
50 min. 74,00 Euro

Classic Full Body Massage

The classic massage, also called Swedish massage, is the best known and most widely used type of massage. Enjoy the feeling as tensions in your body are loosened and the blood circulation is stimulated. The massage enhances your sense of well-being.

50 Min. 69,00 Euro

Classic Partial Body Massage

The perfect treatment for loosening tensions in single parts of the body – either in the back or the legs.

25 min. 39,00 Euro

Special Massages
Back Ceremony

This intense program for you back by VITALIS, features highly effective, natural active ingredients and a massage tailor-made to your body’s needs. It loosens tensions in your back and improves the spinal flexibility. Due to the applied techniques like a singing bowl massage, cupping glasses and heat, the treatment is beneficial for your whole body.

50 min. 77,00 Euro

Honey Massage

Different massage techniques make the skin receptible for the honey. A combination of stimulation of the reflexology points on the back and the beneficial effects of the honey enhance your well-being. The honey massage stimulates the tissue, improving blood-circulation, opening the pores and improving the texture of your skin. Oxygen and nutrients can be absorbed more easily. Furthermore, the Honey Massage eases pain, and has a calming and disinfecting effect, due to the honey’s ingredients.

50 Min. 77,00 Euro

Anti-Cellulite Massage

An innovative & effective cellulite program. The special feature of this massage is the use of various massage techniques together with high-quality natural products. A combination of lymph stimulating massage grips, a cupping glass treatment and a modulating manual massage help to effectively reduce the signs of cellulite. The program is completed with a final holistic modulating singing bowl massage for a deep-acting effect. For an optimized result, ideally combined with a "Marine Algae Pack”.

50 min. 78,00 Euro
With algae pack: 80 min. 102,00 Euro

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The manual lymphatic drainage massage – according to Dr. Vodder, has a draining, detoxifying and soothing effect. Rhythmic pressure impulses are applied to improve the drainage of excess water in the lymphatic system. Furthermore the treatment has a powerful relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system. You will experience deep relaxation. It is also perfect, if your legs are heavy or if the lymphatic system needs support in particular parts of your body.

25 min. 44,00 Euro
50 min. 78,00 Euro

Stimulating Reflexology Massage

The theory of reflexology assumes that our organs and various parts of the body are connected via nerve tracts in precisely defined areas on the soles of the feet. The human body is thus reflected on the foot, presenting itself there like a small map. As a result, the body can be entirely stimulated by targeted pressure massages at specific points.

25 min. 44,00 Euro
50 min. 78,00 Euro

Child massage

The combination of selected massage oils and harmonious massage grips invite you to feel good and strengthen your own body awareness. The massage has a relaxing, soothing effect and will put a smile on your child’s face.

20 Min. 30,00 Euro

Teen Massage

Do yourself something good. Gentle relaxation massage for teenagers aged 12-16 years. A combination of high-quality warm oils with relaxing massage techniques helps you to calm down and strengthen your awareness of your own body and body image.

40 min. 49,00 Euro

Mamma Mia

Massage attuned to mothers or mothers-to-be. In this short break we take care of your needs individually and exclusively. Whether with a de-swelling massage for the legs or a full relaxation massage from head to toe, this time is dedicated to the wishes and needs of the mom.

25 min. 44,00 Euro
50 min. 78,00 Euro

Highlight Massages
Full Body Peeling Massage 4 in 1

Various components make this massage a tangible feel-good experience. Dead Sea salt ensures the mechanical removal of dead skin cells and allows the skin pores to breathe again. The trace elements and minerals contained in the salt can be easily absorbed. A combination of high-quality sesame oil and rosemary essences stimulates the microcirculation leaving a sensation of lightness and relaxation of the muscles. Precious almond oil provides a moisturizing effect, for a lasting silky soft body feeling.

50 min. 77,00 Euro

Aroma Pure Relax Massage

Even in Ancient Egypt and the Roman thermal baths massages with oils and scented cremes were common. During our Aroma Pure Relax massage we apply specifically selected warm essential oils, enhancing their effects by tender massage techniques. Whether you prefer a relaxing, stimulating, or balancing treatment, we plan the treatment according to your mood and your body’s needs.

50 min. 75,00 Euro
Aroma Pure Relax Ritual 80 min. incl. 5 minutes of relax time afterwards 105,00 Euro

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage roots in many cultures – in the healing methods and traditions of many different countries. The body is massaged by using warm volcanic stones, that are placed special energy points in order to make you feel good. The combination of intense warmth and gentle massage technique maximize relaxation.

50 min. 85,00 Euro
Hot Stone Ritual 80 min. incl. 5 minutes of relax time afterwards 115,00 Euro

Herbal stamp massage – the natural power of the herbs

The roots of this massage technique go back 2,000 years. It is an effective full body treatment with rich natural oils, selected mixtures of organic herbs and with unique synergies of active ingredients of VITALIS. The herbal stamps are tapped on the body with gentle pressure. The stimulating treatment with a selected herbs revitalises your skin and your tissue and loosens muscle tensions.

50 min. 84,00 Euro

Take a Break
La Rosa – Beauty and relax massage, face and décolleté

The queen of flowers has always been a symbol of beauty. Its flowery, soft and intense fragrance has a harmonizing, balancing, stress-relieving and relaxing effect. The effective blend of moisturizing almond oil and precious essential rose oil helps your skin to regenerate and reveals your beauty.

25 min. 45,00 Euro

Head, Face & Neck Massage

Calm down, unwind and relax. The massage of head and neck unfolds recreational effects, loosens tense muscles and stimulates the blood circulation – which has beneficial effects on the growth of your hair. The face massage relaxes tensions in your mimic muscles and gives your face a softer and rejuvenated look.

25 min. 39,00 Euro

Facial Care
Hydra Compact

For tired, stressed and dehydrated facial skin. The skin is optimally supplied with moisture and gains in elasticity and resilience. The intensively hydrating algae mask ensures a fresh radiant skin appearance.

80 min. 115,00 Euro

Classic Facial

Personalized facial care program for you. Suitable for every skin type and age. Our valuable natural cosmetics are carefully adapted to the wishes and needs of your skin.

80 min. 110,00 Euro

Anti-Age Treatment

Cleansing and revitalising luxury treatment for demanding and mature skin with herbal hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants. Signs of skin aging are alleviated; the loss of moisture is compensated, and collagen production is stimulated at depth.

80 min. 115,00 Euro

Facial "Pureness"

Skin type-specific deep cleansing. Your skin will look clear and refreshed. Featuring analysis of your skin, lymph-stimulating massage, scrub, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, a soothing mask, peel off algae mask and a beauty care – matching your individual skin’s needs. Perfect to clear and moisturize your skin, benefitting the whole body.   
50 min. 90,00 Euro

Intense Biodynamic Lifting

Intensive treatment combining a variety of different of modelling facial massages with the power of flower cushions. Unique beauty treatment with an immediate effect.

110 min. 152,00 Euro

Full Body Scrub with Apricot Kernels & Extracts of Hay

This gentle and efficient organic body scrub with hay flower extracts and ground apricot kernels cleanses the skin pores deeply and makes the skin appear clearer and more luminous.

25 min. 43,00 Euro

Full Body Scrub with Scented Salt

This body peeling with aromatic oils and salt from the Dead Sea supports the renewal of your skin, promotes tissue metabolism and makes your skin silky soft. For an intense pure feeling.

25 min. 43,00 Euro


50 min. 59,00 Euro

Manicure with nail polish

55 min. 69,00 Euro


50 min. 65,00 Euro

Pedicure with nail polish

55 min. 72,00 Euro

Depilation with warm wax

Lower leg  29,00 Euro

Entire leg  45,00 Euro

Bikini zone 25,00 Euro

Armpits   19,00 Euro

Upper lip or chin  12,00 Euro

Arms  25,00 Euro

Expressive Eyes

Eyebrow shaping  17,00 Euro
Eyebrow dyeing 15,00 Euro
Eyelash dyeing 20,00 Euro
Eyebrow & eyelash dyeing 32,00 Euro

Alpine Fango – power of the Alps

Various select alpine herbs not only give this Fango pack its wonderful Alpine fragrance, but also promote the living, strengthening properties of the mineral mud. Ideal applied as a beauty mask for a range of problem zones of the body, as well as for relaxation and to relieve tension.

Fango pack & partial massage:
50 min. 75,00 Euro

Fango pack & full body massage:
80 min. 105,00 Euro

Fango from the Dead Sea

The natural silt from the Dead Sea is rich in a variety of valuable minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and bicarbonates. Ideal as support for stress reduction, for deep cleansing and for purification.

Fango pack & partial massage:
50 min. 75,00 Euro

Fango pack & full body massage:
80 min. € 105,00 Euro

Activating Marine Energy

An efficient cellulite pack with high quality sea algae. Thanks to the precious marine algae, this body pack effectively strengthens the tissue and optimizes skin hydration. The circulation-promoting effect makes the skin appear rosy and smooth.

Fango pack & partial massage:
50 min. 75,00 Euro

Fango pack & full body massage:
80 min. 105,00 Euro

Traditional South Tyrol Hay Bath

The farmers of South Tyrol discovered that whenever they slept on fresh hay beds after a physically hard and long day at work, they would wake up the next morning feeling fresh and recovered. Hay baths are recommended for the regeneration of muscles and joints, and provide deep relaxation and rest thanks to different types of herbs and their essential oils.

Hay bath including partial massage with Juniper & hay extracts:
60 min. 89,00 Euro

Manager Massage
Head, face and neck massage

The head, face and neck massage is perfect after a long working day, after sitting in front of the computer for a long time or simply to relax the muscles in your neck and free your mind. The tense muscles mimic muscles are relieved and mental stress is eased. The massage stimulates the blood circulation and the growth of hair. The highly efficient ingredients give your skin an energy boost. 

25 min. 44,00 Euro

M2 Man Massage

Perfect after exercise or tense muscles due to work. We relieve tensions in your neck, back and legs. The treatment gives you power and new energy, especially after activities.

50 min. 75,00 Euro

Power Lift Care

Power facial treatment for stressed men's skin according to the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH. Powerful, natural and effective! Natural high-tech power for a dynamic and neat complexion. Featuring a lymph-stimulating massage, vaporizing, scrub, deep cleansing, intense serum matching your skin’s needs, individually selected mask and beauty care.

50 min. € 79,00 Euro

The Special One: Power Lift Relax

„Powerlift Care“ including head, neck and face massage.

70 min. 95,00 Euro

The Adonis

Depilation of back and breast.

42,00 Euro


Shaping and filing of the nails, clipping and pushing of tissue, polishing, short hand massage.

50 min. 59,00 Euro


Shaping and filing of the nails, clipping and pushing of tissue, rubbing off of dead skin, foot massage.

50 min. 65,00 Euro

Spa Hotel Dolomiten: Rudolf verwöhnt mit Behandlungen
Spa Hotel Dolomiten: Rudolf verwöhnt mit Behandlungen