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Feel like Cleopatra...

Relax in warm waters and enjoy pleasant baths with scented oils. Detoxify your body and smooth your skin with sea-weeds and fresh herbs in the multifunctional Joseph Vitalis' bath or in the thalassic bath.

Cleopatra bath with milk & honey - 38,00

A bath is a relaxing experience for muscles and the neuro-vegetative system. The combination of milk and honey provides an efficient, curative and moisturizing action on your skin (25 min).

Bath with aromatic oils - 38,00

Specifically tailored to you, high quality oils have a revitalizing and relaxing effect on your skin. (25 min)

Thyme and stone pine essence bath - 42,00

Thyme stimulates the skin's metabolism,strengthens the nerves and stimulates the circulation of the skin. Combined with the stone pine this bath also has a very balancing effect on the respiratory and circulatory systems. (25 min)

Chocolate bath - 38,00

A bath for sweet moments and sweet dreams, it's an dissoothing to the soul! (25 min)

Honey bath - 35,00

A wealth of different vitamins... for a skin of velvet and silk! (25 min)

Mountain salt bath - 39,00

Wrapped in warm towels, the skin experience the crystalline wealth of minerals and trace elements. It has a purifying and detoxifying effect. (25 min)

Natural mineral oil bath - 37,00

A mineral fossil oil bath with many curative properties: improvement of blood circulation in tissues, antispasmodic action in case of cramps and twitches, before and after sport training and also in case of rehabilitation treatments after traumas and contusions (25 min).

Original Tyrolean hay bath - 42,00

An old Tyrolean tradition! The natural hay comes from high mountain pastures and provides relaxing properties which fight stress, irritability and twitches (25 min).

Vital bath with sea-weeds - 42,00

Sea-weeds contrast efficaciously fat tissues formation. They are rich in vitamin C and improve collagen production in tissues. They remodel the entire body and tone the silhouette (25 min).

Mud application - 42,00

This application provides benefits and alleviates ache in case of cramps and chronic pathologies of motor system. It is particularly recommended for relaxing (25 min). Our suggestion: after its application, try a good massage!



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