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Our beauty treatments

Relax yourselves and enjoy our exclusive beauty treatments by Guinot in your beauty farm in Alto-Adige with beauty treatments and baths based on your personal needs and skins: what a renewing experience for body and soul.

Skin treatments:

Guinot style, l'Institut de Beauté de Paris...

"de Luxe" skin treatment by Guinot: (approx. 60 min) - € 59,00
Cleanser, peeling, toning lotion, vapozon, face exfoliation, vial, eyebrow correction, face pack, face massage and moisturizing day cream

Exclusive treatments:

LIFTOSOME by Guinot: (approx. 60 min) - € 79,00
This treatment makes your features consistency younger. Your features are modelled by a thermal mask which energizes and softens your skin with orange extracts (vitamin C) and Ginseng. At the end of this treatment you'll realize that your face appears smoother and no more tired. You'll seem to be younger and you'll be happy about that!

AROMATIC by Guinot: (approx. 60 min) - € 79,00
This revolutionary method associates essential oils benefits to typing-pressure therapy: a real relaxing and beautiful experience. The treatment ends with a scented and pleasant mask application prepared especially for your skin type

Body treatments:

"de Luxe" manicure: (60 min) - € 39,00

Pedicure with herbs bath: (60 min) - € 39,00

Body peeling and body lotion: (30 min) - € 35,00


Legs until knees: (approx. 25 min) - € 17,00

Bikini zone or arms or legs or armpits: € 15,00

Total depilation: bikini zone, arms, legs, armpits: € 30-40,00

Upper lip: € 7,00



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